Support for Ukrainian Refugees (Updated 14 May)


Under the auspices of the Shrivenham Parish Council (PC) a Team of Volunteers has been set up to help our Community provide support for Ukraine Refugees. The Shrivenham Refugee Support Team (SRST) includes PC members, St Andrews Church and volunteers from the community.


We are also building a Shrivenham Refugee Support Network; volunteers are welcome.  The aim of this network is to share information and help coordinate our support to the refugee families hosted within our Community. 


Support for refugees is likely to be required for some time, until they can safely return to Ukraine. Most of the refugees are women and children.  We expect that many in our local community will wish to do something to help. 


Ways to Support Refugees


Cash Donations (much preferred) through well-established Organisations/Charities such as the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) which includes 15 Aid Agencies, Red Cross, Rotary International etc.  Cash is quick, hassle-free, easy to transfer and effective.

Essential Items.  We have a Collection Plan for essential items within the Village.  These items are being delivered to Refugee Support Hubs in Swindon for onward transportation.  The Collection Points, a List of Essential items and Contact Information are below,

Hosting/Sponsorship of Refugees.  The UK Government has set up a Refugee Scheme to enable organizations/charities and families to host refugees.  Refugees hosted in our Village may require some local community support.


Shrivenham Collection Points for Essential Items

Memorial Hall: Tuesdays (10 – 11 AM); Thursdays (6 – 7 PM)

St Andrews Church (Porch):  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (2 – 4 PM)

Rose Ann O’Hare: Call to arrange drop-offs.  Gordon/Liz Hughes: Call to arrange drop-offs


List of Essential Items:


First Aid and Medical Supplies.  Maternity and Sanitary items.  Baby Items: Bottles, Dummies, Nappies, Wet Wipes, Baby Porridge, Food Jars, Juices.  Food with long shelf life: Cans of Fish, Meat, Soups, Pot Noodles, Ready-dried meals, sugar, salt, flour, pasta, rice, tea, coffee and oil.  No large glass containers. No clothes (any age) or bedding.


Contact Information:

Bjorn Watson, PC Focal Point, E: M: 0797 3373522

Gordon Hughes, Plan Coordinator, E: M: 0778 7821218

Julia Jones, Parish Councillor, Outreach, E:  M: 0744 3924381

Lewie Hilsdon, Hall Manager, Information, M: 07838681344

Rose-Anne O’Hare, Volunteer, E: M: 07792442799

David Watson, Church Warden, E: M:07393050923


Useful Websites

Homes for Ukraine - Government Website: Record your Interest

Homes for Ukraine: What do I need to do to host refugees in the UK?

Sanctuary Faringdon - Resources and links for those who live in Faringdon and the surrounding area

Sanctuary Foundation - supporting new arrivals from Ukraine

Sanctuary Faringdon: Frequently asked Questions and Checklists

Reset - Homes for Ukraine

Launch - Swindon Humanitarian Aid Partnership for Ukraine

BBC - How can I offer a UK home to Ukrainian Refugees

Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)

International Rotary Fellowship of Healthcare Professionals


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