Heritage Centre

Why does Shrivenham need a Heritage Centre?

In 2001 vandals broke into the room which housed a unique collection of historic village records, maps and old photographs. As a result, a small number of concerned local historians took charge of the documents to ensure their protection.


It sounds like an expensive operation for such a small village!

The village maybe small by some standards but it has a long and rich history that deserves to be told. Of course, without the local Parish Council's agreement for the location, none of this would be possible. For a long time, the Shrivenham and District Archive Group had been hunting suitable accommodation for the archives and nowhere in the village is more emotionally central than the hall.

To make the location secure and a pleasant environment, however, takes more than goodwill and the village will always be greatly indebted to the local societies and institutions which have, thus far, helped us to raise the funds to progress our ambitions.

Maybe you'd like to join us or to donate an item that we could look after! To find out more, visit the Heritage website.



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